TGC is a collaborative group of like minded students, all dedicated to making a difference in the community. Club members bond and grow close in the process of creating, executing, and reflecting on events. Our club is a family, and we're always looking for more people to join us.

It's the face to face interaction that makes TGC service so unique. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with the disadvantaged youth we are supporting. We plan events 1-3 times a month that anyone can participate in. 

Our third mission is to motivate others to get involved in their communities by showing them how fun, easy, and rewarding service can be. We hope to inspire others to develop their own love of service through our documentaries, social media presence, and presentations at local middle schools. 


Hi! I'm Sydney Adam and this is my second year as president for the Teen Giving Club (TGC). Founded in 2016 by Chloe Gubbay, as a sophomore in 2018, I gladly took over as president. 


I joined the TGC freshman year with little knowledge about volunteerism and its rewards. As I attended more events and worked with more individuals, my love for giving and shining light in someone else's life grew. As a result, I took every opportunity to share what I had learned and to pay the act forward. In 2018, I received the California Senates Award for Outstanding Community Service. The club continues to expand its purpose by adding new events, and hosting some of our own like clothing drives. 

 I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work alongside my peers, as we build connections with various youth in the San Diego Area. My journey with the TGC has truly made an positive impact in my live and I will continue to share my passion for building connections and making a difference in the community. I am proud to be a leader of this amazing club and I look forward to continuing our work. 


My Girlfriends Closet 


Waves of impact

Hannah’s House 


Include Autism

Casas De Luz


Ronald Mcdonald house 

Rady's Children's Hospital

Urban Surf 4 Kids

Leukemia Society


Solutions for change

Work Play Love

Just in Time for Foster Youth

Please contact us if you know of any other organizations we can collaborate with!

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